Flight Plan

I've always wanted to do a shoot inspired by fight, so while I was in Daytona Beach, I made a post online saying I wanted to do something at an airport strip and make-up artist Toshi Szpyra hit me up and said, my cousin does great styling you should try her. So I reached out and we talked for a few days and we talked and talked about the concept everyday until one day; the topic about location came up. Everyone was at a standstill about where to shoot wether it be at a big open field in the middle of no where or someplace urban and then I made a suggest, "do you think we can shoot at an airport, I've seen it done before".
We brain stormed and made some calls and the managers at the Runway Café where happy to accommodate us for the day.
Zoe was an experienced stormtrooper when it came to shooting! She was willing to do anything for the perfect shot. Wether it be jumping out the cargo plane or standing on the landing strip she made the day easier.
This shoot was also featured in Elléments Magazine you can get a copy here
Creative Director: Leo Creary
Model: Zoe Brossy (MP Mega Miami)
Stylist: AGuy Smith / Vin.U Styling Studio
Dress: Roxy Bowden
HMUA: Toshi Szpyra
Assistant: Anya Tuyareva