Sports Zone

Although I’m based in Central Florida, I find it very difficult to find fun energetic models to work with it being so saturated with diversity; in its people, art, fashion, and photography. So it was very difficult to choose which direction I wanted to go with the shoot. It was funny how I posted a casting about a different concept board I wanted to do and a fellow local photographer referred her friend.

I wanted to shoot something new and within minutest Kathleen inboxed me on Facebook stating that she is just starting her brand, I was hesitant, however, I’ve learnt to give everyone a chance in this industry. We exchanged a few messages and a few days letter I showed her a concept board and she shot me images of the outfits and I immediately called up my friend Raelynn and told her “we are shooting in two weeks” she laughed and said Okay. Raeylnn is an upcoming teenage model who has been so much fun to work with.

I loved Raelynn's look from the first time she followed me on instagram and I introduced her to a few workshops in the area such as the Orlando Meet & Greet (OMG). It was actually the second time I would be shooting her, after a text shoot. This would have been the third shoot we’ve actually done and was over joyed with the product.

Creative Director: Leo Creary

Model: Raelynn harper (Next Models)

Styling: Kathleen Milord

Modelo Verano Salvaje

One day I just got a crazy idea of just brining a model down with me to the Bahamas, I immediately posed the quested on social network without even thinking about the logistics and Amber inboxed me overly excited and was more than interested. This would be the beginning of a new endeavor of shooting foreign friends in my homeland.
Amber and I talked about it for months, weeks and then eventually days. For the shoot I contacted LaVonne who had a very unique style about her so we looked at the pieces that we would use to style her in. Amber assured me she could do her own hair due to the fact she does styling in the US however, I had to find a makeup, Dario was more than interested in jumping to the opportunity I would have been his first time applying make up to a Caucasian model. We planned for a super early shoot so we could shoot for the entire day until sunset.
The shoot was epic! I was especially excited that I would have been using natural light for the entire shoot. I was able to utilize the sun to reflect and diffuse for the model with the help of a few of my good photographer friends Vado and Gerad who had makeshift reflectors which I experimented with throughout the day.
Creative Director: Leo Creary
Model/Hair: Amber Quinn
Swimwear Designers: Dklypse Swimwear & Poesidon Ave 
Wardrobe Styling: LaVonne Alexis/ShopTheCC
Make-Up: Dario Deveaux
Grips: Vado Culmer & Gerad Smith

Modern Future

Creative Director: Leo Creary

Model: Ivany Guzman (NewIcon Models - Mexico)

HMUA: Carolina Lasantita

Styling: Herbert Piramid

Wardrobe: Lisu Vega

Shoes: Sooo Addicted

Jewelry & Accessories: Carolina Puterbaugh

Farmers Market

Creative Director: Leo Creary
Model, HMUAS: Katrinna Wallace
Wardrobe: Retro Rosie and Cobweb's Unique Finds