The Big Apple

I remember, when I started being interested in 2009 I would look at top models present in the Bahamas. Shyloh was one of those models who always stood out to me who would excel in modeling years later I finally got to reconnect with her.

We planned for months in advance that I would be coming to NYC and I wanted to do something high fashion with a twist of grunge, she assured me that she would cover everything. At the time I knew nothing about New York, the locations the styling. However, we made it happen jumping from an Uber to a ferry to a bus to walking though the streets of Wall Street.

Once we started shooting and I showed Shyloh the first 10 images her eyes glistened and she told me she loved those style of images. Everything afterwards just flowed into place from flagging down taxi cabs, modeling for construction workers etc she was effortless in shooting. 

Edgy Fashion Fix

I got an email from Brittany early one morning from Freeport, The Bahamas and wanted to shoot some fashion images for her personal use. Brittany is the assistant of a good colleague Lyndah Wells. I felt pretty honored that she wanted to work with me and there are so many photographers in The Bahamas. 
So I took the time to actually plan this out and experiment and push my comfort zone. Brittany had not realized that I devised a plan to shoot her using only the ambient street lights present at Wynwood at the time.  
As the sun wet down and the street lights came out I pushed my ISO all the way up and dropped my F-Stop to 1.2. I recently started only doing natural light photography months previously but I loved it already. I was able to bounce the light off walls and even of some of the wardrobe, which lit my model beautifully. Additionally, the use of my 85mm was key in the process giving me a great bokeh in frames and awesome depth of field compositions which helped pulled Brittany out from the artistic backgrounds. 
To my surprise weeks later Brittany asked me permission to submit her images to a magazine and we were published in ASTOUND MAGAZINE's December 2015/2016 issue.  
Creative Developer: Leo Creary
Model: Brittany Rolle
HMUA: Kerieann London
Styling: Pshatoia Nicole Larose (SNL Styling)