The Big Apple

I remember, when I started being interested in 2009 I would look at top models present in the Bahamas. Shyloh was one of those models who always stood out to me who would excel in modeling years later I finally got to reconnect with her.

We planned for months in advance that I would be coming to NYC and I wanted to do something high fashion with a twist of grunge, she assured me that she would cover everything. At the time I knew nothing about New York, the locations the styling. However, we made it happen jumping from an Uber to a ferry to a bus to walking though the streets of Wall Street.

Once we started shooting and I showed Shyloh the first 10 images her eyes glistened and she told me she loved those style of images. Everything afterwards just flowed into place from flagging down taxi cabs, modeling for construction workers etc she was effortless in shooting. 

Sports Zone

Although I’m based in Central Florida, I find it very difficult to find fun energetic models to work with it being so saturated with diversity; in its people, art, fashion, and photography. So it was very difficult to choose which direction I wanted to go with the shoot. It was funny how I posted a casting about a different concept board I wanted to do and a fellow local photographer referred her friend.

I wanted to shoot something new and within minutest Kathleen inboxed me on Facebook stating that she is just starting her brand, I was hesitant, however, I’ve learnt to give everyone a chance in this industry. We exchanged a few messages and a few days letter I showed her a concept board and she shot me images of the outfits and I immediately called up my friend Raelynn and told her “we are shooting in two weeks” she laughed and said Okay. Raeylnn is an upcoming teenage model who has been so much fun to work with.

I loved Raelynn's look from the first time she followed me on instagram and I introduced her to a few workshops in the area such as the Orlando Meet & Greet (OMG). It was actually the second time I would be shooting her, after a text shoot. This would have been the third shoot we’ve actually done and was over joyed with the product.

Creative Director: Leo Creary

Model: Raelynn harper (Next Models)

Styling: Kathleen Milord

Flight Plan

I've always wanted to do a shoot inspired by fight, so while I was in Daytona Beach, I made a post online saying I wanted to do something at an airport strip and make-up artist Toshi Szpyra hit me up and said, my cousin does great styling you should try her. So I reached out and we talked for a few days and we talked and talked about the concept everyday until one day; the topic about location came up. Everyone was at a standstill about where to shoot wether it be at a big open field in the middle of no where or someplace urban and then I made a suggest, "do you think we can shoot at an airport, I've seen it done before".
We brain stormed and made some calls and the managers at the Runway Café where happy to accommodate us for the day.
Zoe was an experienced stormtrooper when it came to shooting! She was willing to do anything for the perfect shot. Wether it be jumping out the cargo plane or standing on the landing strip she made the day easier.
This shoot was also featured in Elléments Magazine you can get a copy here
Creative Director: Leo Creary
Model: Zoe Brossy (MP Mega Miami)
Stylist: AGuy Smith / Vin.U Styling Studio
Dress: Roxy Bowden
HMUA: Toshi Szpyra
Assistant: Anya Tuyareva

Kailyn Perez

I've worked with Kailyn time and time again and she is my go to model when I'm in the Tampa area. And I consider her mom my mom's doppelgänger. So it was fun to be working with a fun face again this time I actually picked out the clothing and went into my closet and styled all the looks for her.


What made you take the career path as a model?

I was always very tall and lanky growing up. Around the age of 15 I was already 5’10” and people were always asking me, “Do you model?” That planted a seed in my head and I began to think, “No I don’t, but I would love to!" I danced ballet and that was my hardcore passion growing up. I already loved performing and being on stage. I felt that modeling fostered that love as it is a performance art of some sort. When you model, you have to know your body and your movements must make a designer’s work of art come to life. I have also always been fascinated with the fashion industry, having a passion for it already only further encouraged me to begin modeling.I began modeling at age 15 when I signed with Wilhelmina, but still had a huge focus on ballet and my education, and had to balance all of them. My education is still very important to me as I attend law school, but I love that I get to work as a model, its an outlet for me and something I enjoy so much.


What is your title?

My title is Miss Tampa Bay USA 2017, I compete in Miss Florida USA 2017 this July with the hopes of making it to the Miss USA stage representing my home state in 2017.

How has your title changed you as a woman

I wouldn’t say that my title has “changed” me per se as I feel that I have the same morals, values and goals in life that I have always had, nevertheless, pageants really have changed my life! Pageants have given me the opportunity to bring awareness to causes that are close to my heart. They have given me a voice that others can hear on a level that I otherwise would have never had. They have given me more confidence in myself, in my ability to achieve my dreams and to affect change. Not to mention, I have made some of my best friends through pageantry.

If you could obtain a super power what would it be?

To fly! I am always so busy and want to be able to do everything and be everywhere at once. If I could fly, that would definitely help!

You have worked alongside some incredible people, who has been the most influential?

I have been blessed to work alongside some amazing people, but believe it or not, the most influential have been the people I have met through the Best Buddies Organization. Best Buddies is an organization bringing awareness to the inequalities that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (idd) face. The young adults I have met through that group are so positive, have so much courage and live each and every day to the fullest! They inspire me to never take the blessing in my life for granted and to follow my greatest aspirations.

What has been a stand-out out moment in your career so far?

Although I have accomplished many things that I am very proud of, I feel that my stand-out moment is yet to come! 

How hard do you push yourself?

I push myself extremely hard, to the point that I sometimes do too much and get sick as a result. I just have so many things I want to accomplish in my education, in my modeling career, in pageantry, in my volunteer organizations and even in my personal life that I sometimes take on more than one person should. People always ask me how I manage to do everything I do. Its a combination of my extreme passion, my work ethic and my drive to succeed. I am a first born Cuban American and my grandparents sacrificed so much to bring my family to the U.S. and give their children and grandchildren better opportunities. I think of their sacrifice every day and it pushes me to never take any of the opportunities in my life for granted and to always strive to be my best self and work harder in order to achieve my dreams! 

What are some of the greatest fears you think pageant queens face?

Failure. I know for me in particular, I put my heart and soul into preparing for a pageant. My dream is to be on the Miss USA stage and my greatest fear is failing to achieve that. I always remind myself that at the end of the day, its not failing that defines us but how we overcome our failures. When we get back up on our feet, we have already achieved something great and have become that much stronger!  Preparing for a pageant and competing on stage is something I love and enjoy tremendously! I am going to soak up every single moment of the process and the rest is in God’s hands! 

Edgy Fashion Fix

I got an email from Brittany early one morning from Freeport, The Bahamas and wanted to shoot some fashion images for her personal use. Brittany is the assistant of a good colleague Lyndah Wells. I felt pretty honored that she wanted to work with me and there are so many photographers in The Bahamas. 
So I took the time to actually plan this out and experiment and push my comfort zone. Brittany had not realized that I devised a plan to shoot her using only the ambient street lights present at Wynwood at the time.  
As the sun wet down and the street lights came out I pushed my ISO all the way up and dropped my F-Stop to 1.2. I recently started only doing natural light photography months previously but I loved it already. I was able to bounce the light off walls and even of some of the wardrobe, which lit my model beautifully. Additionally, the use of my 85mm was key in the process giving me a great bokeh in frames and awesome depth of field compositions which helped pulled Brittany out from the artistic backgrounds. 
To my surprise weeks later Brittany asked me permission to submit her images to a magazine and we were published in ASTOUND MAGAZINE's December 2015/2016 issue.  
Creative Developer: Leo Creary
Model: Brittany Rolle
HMUA: Kerieann London
Styling: Pshatoia Nicole Larose (SNL Styling)

Modelo Verano Salvaje

One day I just got a crazy idea of just brining a model down with me to the Bahamas, I immediately posed the quested on social network without even thinking about the logistics and Amber inboxed me overly excited and was more than interested. This would be the beginning of a new endeavor of shooting foreign friends in my homeland.
Amber and I talked about it for months, weeks and then eventually days. For the shoot I contacted LaVonne who had a very unique style about her so we looked at the pieces that we would use to style her in. Amber assured me she could do her own hair due to the fact she does styling in the US however, I had to find a makeup, Dario was more than interested in jumping to the opportunity I would have been his first time applying make up to a Caucasian model. We planned for a super early shoot so we could shoot for the entire day until sunset.
The shoot was epic! I was especially excited that I would have been using natural light for the entire shoot. I was able to utilize the sun to reflect and diffuse for the model with the help of a few of my good photographer friends Vado and Gerad who had makeshift reflectors which I experimented with throughout the day.
Creative Director: Leo Creary
Model/Hair: Amber Quinn
Swimwear Designers: Dklypse Swimwear & Poesidon Ave 
Wardrobe Styling: LaVonne Alexis/ShopTheCC
Make-Up: Dario Deveaux
Grips: Vado Culmer & Gerad Smith

Age or Denim

Denim, the all-American textile that continues to be a staple in 2015.
But, what if even the classic need a dose of modernization?
This is exactly what Spring 2015 has in store for us, as denim pushes the envelope of fashion into fun and quirky shapes and silhouettes. Daring denim styles have been waiting to make then new and improving appearances and designers for their positions across by exaggerating ‘denim-on-denim’ looks. Straight from the runaways were loose, relaxed silhouettes in dark denim washes, which wrapped models in full on jumpsuits. Long maxi skirts, and also introducing ‘the little denim dress’. The denim jacket will still be with us but with heaver embellishments such as 3D beading, lace ups and quilting details.
Overall, denim is no longer a title-reserved exclusively for jeans. This time, its reinventing denim like we’ve never seen it before. The return of distressed denim, including intricate and vintage-inspired repair and restricting detailing this year. There’s this huge 70’s resurgence happening right now, and it’s a denim trend that’s spot-on. Skinny jeans have become a classic staple for every woman’s wardrobe, and celebs have been embracing the skinniest of jeans with the plumpest of bottoms. Everyone needs to experiment with new denim technology; the infusion of ‘athleisure’ and comfort in the market, is really being perfected and is now offered in multiple fits, colors, and lengths with Lyca infusion and retention retaining. Who doesn’t want the perfect jean that never loses its shape and beyond comfortable?
Have you checked your denim stash lately? Maybe it’s time to get yourself a new pair.
Creative Director: Leo Creary
Models: Angel Beltra, Adriana Hilera, Angee Huntely, Felix Obas
Assistant: Sharretha Harper
Wardrobe Styling: Orlando Styling
Styling Assistants: Andrew Mitchell, Kimberly Hernandez Alexiss Phillips
Wardrobe Provided by: Neiman Marcus Last Call
Hair & Make Up: Orlando Styling
Shoes Provided by: The House of Shoes

Modern Future

Creative Director: Leo Creary

Model: Ivany Guzman (NewIcon Models - Mexico)

HMUA: Carolina Lasantita

Styling: Herbert Piramid

Wardrobe: Lisu Vega

Shoes: Sooo Addicted

Jewelry & Accessories: Carolina Puterbaugh

Farmers Market

Creative Director: Leo Creary
Model, HMUAS: Katrinna Wallace
Wardrobe: Retro Rosie and Cobweb's Unique Finds